note: This is very similar to my writeup at whack off. If anyone can alert me to any distinctions between the two terms, I would be very interested

Slang (and slightly dismissive) term meaning masturbate. Usually applied to males, but this is probably due to the social phenomenon of male masturbation being generally more accepted and discussed. "Beat" might refer to the rhythmic motions involved, although the synonymous terms jerk off and whack off suggest that the energy and force of the act have more to do with it.

If I were a feminist cultural critic I could discuss the implications of violent terms being associated with autoeroticism, but I suspect that the issue is no more profound than what I've discussed above.

"Beating off" is a very casual term, and used when one wants to detract from the significance of the act (or when one is in early adolesence, or otherwise chronically horny).

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