What is a "Basic Bitch?" The broadest definition would be a woman or man who for the most part enjoy only the most popular and mainstream aspects of society and culture. They rarely stray from the norm, thus earning the unfortunate-sounding tag of being The Basic Bitch.

Occasionally the term will be thrown out by individuals who just don't like someone as a means to discount them with two simple words, although it may not follow the true definition.

My belief is if you are the definitive Basic Bitch, you shouldn't be bothered by this compartmentalization. In fact one should embrace it, because you like whatever the fuck you like and that's OKAY.

Earning Basic Bitch status would mean that the majority- not all- of one's preferences must be considered mainstream. Let's say 75% or so. Having less than 50% would put this badge in great doubt, considering most people, if clinically alive, will like at least some of the most basic of pop-culture that exists.

Here's a list of some cultural biggies that fall into this category: Starbucks; the Harry Potter series; Yoga; 50 Shades of Gray; Twilight; Taylor Swift; Justin Timberlake; Ed Sheeran; Sleepless in Seattle or The Notebook- any enormously beloved romantic comedy, as well as any summer blockbuster movie; simple but classy (preppy) clothing; always staying on trend... you get the idea.

I must state that I have no problem myself with anything on this type of list- it is offered as objectively possible from myself and other generally accepted items for the category. In fact I like a couple of them myself.

Would I classify myself as a Basic Bitch? No. I'm a sprinkle of basics with a large smattering of quirky and off-beat preferences that adds to my already complicated existence.

Would you consider yourself a Basic Bitch? Be honest. If so would you consider it a negative? You shouldn't. Consider it empowering to embrace whatever category society places you into. You are who you are, right? Only think about this as well- try not to judge others harshly for not being like you. The outsiders, hipsters, punks, oddities and eccentrics deserve the same respect you do.


Hope you found this wu helpful regarding such a serious and possibly outdated cultural term.

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