The is a concept where people go to vote and get tired of it.
For meatspace voting, the government generally saved up votes and has a LOT on one ballot, so you only have to go vote once. The point here was that lazy people won't leave the house to vote for positions they consider trivial(like the Director of Enhanced Water Treatment or whatever). By putting them all on one big important ballot, like the one which includes governor or president, those lazy people are more likely to take the 2 seconds to vote.

So anyway, you have these long-ass ballots. By halfway through the ballot it starts getting tedious.
check - check - "I could be at home watching Friends right now" - check - check - check - "What the hell does the Postal Interoperability Obfusication Manager do?!" - check - check - "I've never heard of any of these people...well "Chuck" is a nice name", check - check -check - "Ah fuck it"
Leaves the rest blank, goes home to catch the end of Friends.

I get ballot fatigue in online polls. Like try taking one of those purity tests. Hundreds of questions, its gets very montonous and tiring. Or try voting on a Getting to Know You Node. Sure you can ditch all 50 of your votes in one fell swoop, but is it worth scrolling through all those two word writeups?

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