One kid in my town died already from taking ecstasy. I didn't know the details, but I heard the he or she took a lot of it, so I assumed that was the reason. I am not a druggie, I haven't smoked weed in years. I only drink a few times a year. I do enjoy dance clubs, and go to a few regularly. It was suggested to me by my roommate that we both take some X at the club. He has taken it many of the times that we go, so I figured, sure, why not? We got to the club. I swallowed the pill in the car, and he chewed his for a faster reaction. 10 minutes had gone by. Nothing yet. 15 minutes, hey, I'm starting to feel something. 20 minutes: I felt like puking, but out my bellybutton. 25 minutes: thought I was going to die. My roommate was worse, I thought he was dead. The feeling is very incredible, knowing that you are close to death, and someone very close to you is even closer than you. Its very different from pain, which is what I imagined it would be. My do-what-you-have-to-do instincts kicked in, and I went to the bathroom to get water for myself and my roommate. You need lots of water when you take X, I don't know why. I will never forget that 30 foot walk. I had 100 lb. weights in my shoes, and I felt like I was 7 feet tall. I must have looked like a zombie walking past the dance floor, because I felt dead. I got the water and returned to the couch, where the roommate was barely conscious. I decided that if he passed out, we would call 911. Keep in mind that I am not exactly in a good frame of mind, we probably should have called someone a lot earier. Anyways, a few friends came over and took care of the roommate, who wanted nothing but to be held and for no one to talk. It sounds wierd, but thats what I wanted also; people talking caused pain at that point. I went to taking care of myself, semi-conscious at times. We lied there in silence for hours. I don't know what he was doing in his head, but I was preparing for death. It never came though.

Slowly I came out of it. I realized that I was going to make it through this awful night. The roommate was looking better also. After many hours, and many bottles of water from the water fountain, we mustered up the strength to go home. I called in sick to work, and slept for 20 hours or so. To this day, I have never done any other drugs.

As I later learned, X is usually 'watered down' with another drug or substance. According to stoners I talked to who have proven to be a very unreliable source of information, the 2 most likely things these pills were watered down with was rat poison or a drug called PMA (?), which has very severe side effects, neither of which should be in my system apparantly. Thanks to my great friends out there for helping us through the night. Although I barely knew some of you before this happened, you all helped me in ways that I can't thank you enough for. Except for that one short guy who wanted to help so he could be cool. If I wasn't almost dead, he would have had a steel toe boot up his ass.

BTW, another person died because of X in my city shortly after this.

I wrote this to let people know of the dangers of drugs. Anything that doesn't come from the ground WILL BE cut with something, and you don't know what it is. In my case, it was a cheaper drug intended to trick me into thinking that my trip was fanstastic even though there was less MDMA in there, but someone messed something up...

This event has changed my life. Not too drastically other than dropping drugs, which I didn't do all that much of to begin with, but when you come an inch from death, and all you can do is sit there and ponder dying for an hour, you value some things a little more.

If this is viewed as a GTKY node, I'll be happy to delete it myself, or an editor can do it. Let me know, as I am still a bit shaky on what is acceptable here.

I had a very similar experience when I took "X" (as you americans call it!) for the first time.

Same kind of story, I was younger though, about 15 or 16, (about 7 years ago) went to a club with a load of friends, took the pill, and danced around waiting for this reportedly amazing rush of euphoria and love for your fellow clubbers. I took a half at first, on advice from some of the older guys, but after and hour, nothing was happening and I was becoming impatient, so I took the other half. The rest of the night was pretty much a blur, but I do remember thinking my heart was going to explode it was beating so fast and hard, not unlike the music. I did think that I was going to die at one stage, and I started to cry. Luckily, there were other people in the chill-out room who were as fucked up as me, if not more, so I stayed in there and we all sort of helped each other out, aided by the bar staff bringing us trays of fresh fruit. (damn, did that taste good at the time!)

The experience was an unpleasant one, but it didn't put me off taking it again. The second time was much better as I was far more sensible about how much I took and it was one of the best nights out I ever had.

I don't think it's fair to title your node "bad ecstasy", sure, the pills EVERYBODY gets are laced with all sorts of shit, but if you take too much of anything, especially if you have never taken it before, there is a pretty good chance you will skag. (Irish slang for "get fucked up on "X"") It's like booze or dope, you have to be sensible about what your body can handle. I know guys who can go out and do six or seven pills in a few hours in a night club without freaking out or skagging. They can take it, but I know that if I did that I would probably pop my clogs, so you have to find your limit and stick to it.

Taking a full pill the first time is a pretty dumb thing to do in fairness. I know from my experience above. Maybe if you had been more sensible about the whole thing you would have had a better time.

(Holy shit, do I sound like a junkie or what?)

Bad ecstasy is the term given to pills or capsules sold as MDMA but contain little or no MDMA. If you're lucky the pills will contain a substance that is not psychoactive, corrosive or plain poisonous. If you're not so lucky the pills can contain anything from ketamine to PMA...

The problem here is that the buyer is not counting on the effects of (for example) ketamine and has no way of interpreting his or her altered state. This will, in most people, create a sense of panic which in it's turn will make the whole experience an unpleasurable one, to say the least.

Another possiblity is that the pills sold as ecstasy contain not MDMA but MDEA or MDA. Both of these are closely related to MDMA. Their effects differ slightly but as every ecstasy 'trip' will be a different experience (because of different mindset, circumstances, dosages, etc.) the distinction between these three is not easily made while under the influence.

The difference between MDMA and MDA is bigger than the difference between MDMA and MDEA. MDA is more likely to cause (mild) hallucinations and will last around eight or ten hours. MDEA is harder but it's duration will probably give it away: about four hours. Your typical MDMA experience will take six hours.

Most users will not complain when given MDEA instead of MDMA, they probably won't even notice. MDA has a greater potential for freaking you out if you're not expecting something that goes on a lot longer than you were counting on and during this time you are placing your drinks on a bar that is not there and everybody around you seems to be wearing glasses. Which of course they are not. Or are they? <\p>

My personal experience is that most ‘bad ecstasy’ is either a pill with too little MDMA (it should be around 110 and 140mg) or a pill containing no MDMA but amphetamine... This is my expierence living in one of the 4 largest cities in the Netherlands. Although the quality used to be better* most of the ecstasy here is good.


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