On the last Geeks in Space I can remember, CmdrTaco spoke of his anti-aliased font fetish. He talked about how whenever he sees something about anti-aliased fonts in X, he gets so horny that he cannot resist posting it to Slashdot.

I thought he was joking when he said that. Then when NVIDIA's XFree86 4.x drivers added support for the X Render Extension and thus the Xft (X Freetype) library the other day, I was quite excited. I don't use Qt or KDE, and GTK+ 1.2's font architecture is inherently tied to usage of XFont structs, but I had my anti-aliased xterms with TrueType, and I was happy with that. So I wrote essays in vim and read websites in w3m, enjoying myself with all the smoothy goodness I could handle. I did some coding, though most fonts were inadequate for this.

I still wasn't "horny" for AA'd TrueType, I thought. But then when I `apt-get upgrade`-ed and Debian's unstable branch package for the FreeType library broke, I was stuck with the normal old "fixed" font in my xterm. Nooo! It's all so ugly! I had become addicted to anti-aliased TrueType. My fonts, before, they had been so smooth. And now they were gone, ruined, pixelated! Anti-aliased TrueType was like a drug. Ordinary X fonts were simply unable to satisfy me. Fortunately, I was able to downgrade the library to one that worked.

Now, Windows and Mac OS noders among you may think I'm crazy, but you take TrueType and anti-aliasing for granted. Living with X Window System for so long has given me a bizarre anti-aliased font fetish. Now that we finally have it, I finally know how Bob Dole feels. CmdrTaco was right. End useless pathetic geek joke writeup.

TWAJS. But in every joke there is some sad truth... And I wrote this in an anti-aliased xterm! awww, yeah...

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