Answer to old chestnut: language equations:

The equations below marked with asterisks (*) are the original 24 from the first set that appeared in GAMES magazine.

1 = E. on a C. (Eye on a Cyclops)
1 = G. L. for M. (Giant Leap for Mankind)
1 = K. K. on the E. S. B. (King Kong on the Empire State Building)
1 = S. C. in D. P. (Single Calorie in Diet Pepsi)
1 = S. S. (Singular Sensation)
1 = S. S. for a M. (Small Step for a Man)
1 = T. that O. K. (Time that Opportunity Knocks)
1 = W. on a U. (Wheel on a Unicycle *)
1 = if by L. (if by Land)
1 = the L. N. (the Loneliest Number)
2 = B. G. (Brothers Grimm)
2 = C. B. as B. as O. (Can Be as Bad as One)
2 = C. in the T. by C. D. (Cities in the Tale by Charles Dickens)
2 = E. of E. (Elizabeths of England)
2 = H. in a W. (Halves in a Whole)
2 = H. of C. (Houses of Congress)
2 = L. in the H. B. (Lungs in the Human Body)
2 = N. in a D. (Nickels in a Dime)
2 = O. in a D. P. (Outs in a Double Play)
2 = P. J. P. (Pope John Pauls)
2 = P. in a B. (Pieces in a Bikini)
2 = P. in a P. (Peas in a Pod)
2 = Q. in a H.-D. (Quarters in a Half-Dollar)
2 = S. of a L.'s T. (Shakes of a Lamb's Tail)
2 = T. in the W. T. C. (Towers in the World Trade Center)
2 = T. the P. A. R. (Times the Postman Always Rings)
2 = W. S. in "C." (Wicked Stepsisters in "Cinderella")
2 = W. that D.'t M. a R. (Wrongs that Don't Make a Right)
2 = if by S. (if by Sea)
3 = B. M. (S. H. T. R.!) (Blind Mice, See How They Run! *)
3 = B. in "G." (Bears in "Goldilocks")
3 = B. in "L. of the R." (Books in "Lord of the Rings")
3 = B. in the H. E. (Bones in the Human Ear)
3 = B. of the U. S. G. (Branches of the United States Government)
3 = D. for J. in the B. of the W. (Days for Jonah in the Belly of the Whale)
3 = D. of the C. (Days of the Condor -- movie)
3 = F. in a Y. (Feet in a Yard)
3 = L. P. (Little Pigs)
3 = L. on a T. (Legs on a Tripod)
3 = M. and a B. (Men and a Baby)
3 = O. K. C.'s F. (Old King Cole's Fiddlers)
3 = P. in a B. S. (Pieces in a Business Suit)
3 = P. in a H. G. (Periods in a Hockey Game)
3 = P. of an I. (Parts of an Insect)
3 = R. in a C. (Rings in a Circus)
3 = S. and Y.'re O. (Strikes and You're Out)
3 = S. on C.' F. V. (Ships on Columbus' First Voyage)
3 = S. in a T. (Sides in a Triangle)
3 = S. to the W. (Sheets to the Wind)
3 = W. M. at B. (Wise Men at Bethlehem)
3 = W. in "M." (Witches in "Macbeth")
3 = W. on a T. (Wheels on a Tricycle)
3 = on a M. (on a March)
4 = B. in a W. (Balls in a Walk)
4 = C. in the H. H. (Chambers in the Human Heart)
4 = G. M. in C. (Gang Members in China)
4 = H. of the A. (Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
4 = I's in M. (I's in Mississippi)
4 = L. in a D. W. (Letters in a Dirty Word)
4 = M. in a S. (Movements in a Symphony)
4 = M. of the B. (Members of the Beatles)
4 = Q. in a F. G. (Quarters in a Football Game)
4 = Q. in a G. (Quarts in a Gallon *)
4 = S's in M. (S's in Mississippi)
4 = S. in a D. of C. (Suits in a Deck of Cards)
4 = S. in a R. (Sides in a Rectangle)
4 = S. in a S. (Sides in a Square)
4 = S. in a Y. (Seasons in a Year)
4 = T. FDR E. P. (Terms FDR Elected President)
4 = W. on a C. (Wheels on a Car)
4 = Y. in an O. (Years in an Olympiad)
5 = B. in the T. (Books in the Torah)
5 = D. in a Z. C. (Digits in a Zip Code *)
5 = F. on a H. (Fingers on a Hand)
5 = G. L. (Great Lakes)
5 = M. B. in "J. and the B." (Magic Beans in "Jack and the Beanstalk")
5 = M. in a C. R. (Miles in a Camptown Racetrack)
5 = P. in a N. (Pennies in a Nickel)
5 = S. in a P. (Sides in a Pentagon)
5 = S. in the S. C. (Stars in the Southern Cross)
5 = T. on a F. (Toes on a Foot)
5 = V. O. in the H. B. (Vital Organs in the Human Body)
6 = D. of the C. (Days of the Condor -- book)
6 = "B. C." ("Brandenburg Concertos")
6 = A. of the A. (Avenue of the Americas)
6 = D. of C. (Days of Creation)
6 = H. D. of O. for R. C. (Holy Days of Obligation for Roman Catholics)
6 = P. in a P. (Pigs in a Poke)
6 = P. in a P. T. (Pockets in a Pool Table)
6 = S. in a H. (Sides in a Hexagon)
6 = T. Z. in the U. S. (Time Zones in the United States)
6 = W. of H. VIII (Wives of Henry VIII)
6 = of O. and a H. D. of the O. (of One and a Half Dozen of the Other)
7 = "P. of W." ("Pillars of Wisdom")
7 = A. of M. (Ages of Man)
7 = C. in a R. (Colors in a Rainbow : ROYGBIV)
7 = D. in "S. W." (Dwarfs in "Snow White")
7 = H. of R. (Hills of Rome)
7 = K. of F. in H. P. (Kinds of Fruit in Hawaiian Punch)
7 = P. of E. (Plagues of Egypt)
7 = S. of S. the S. (Seas of Sinbad the Sailor)
7 = W. of the A. W. (Wonders of the Ancient World *)
8 = C. in a M. (Candles in a Menorah)
8 = D. in H. (Days in Hanukkah)
8 = K. H. of E. (King Henrys of England)
8 = L. on a S. (Legs on a Spider)
8 = L. on an O. (Legs on an Octopus)
8 = S. in a O. (Sides in a Octagon)
8 = S. on a S. S. (Sides on a Stop Sign *)
8 = S.'s R. (Santa's Reindeer)
8 = G. T. in a L. B. C. (Great Tomatoes in a Little Bitty Can)
9 = C. of H. in the "D. C." (Circle of Hell in the "Divine Comedy")
9 = D. in a Z. C., with the S. C. (Digits in a Zip Code, with the Street Code)
9 = G. M. (Greek Muses)
9 = I. in a B. G. (Innings in a Baseball Game)
9 = J. on the U. S. S. C. (Justices on the United States Supreme Court)
9 = L. of a C. (Lives of a Cat)
9 = M. in a H. B.'s G. P. (Months in a Human Baby's Gestation Period)
9 = P. in the S. S. (Planets in the Solar System *)
9 = S. by B. (Symphonies by Beethoven)
10 = A. in the B. of R. (Amendments in the Bill of Rights)
10 = C. G. to M. (Commandments Given to Moses)
10 = F. in B. (Frames in Bowling)
10 = L. I. B. (Little Indian Boys)
10 = P. in C. (Provinces in Canada)
10 = Y. in a D. (Years in a Decade)
11 = F. in a C. (Fathoms in a Chain)
11 = P. on a C. T. (Players on a Cricket Team)
11 = P. on a F. T. (Players on a Football Team *)
11 = S. in the C. (States in the Confederacy)
12 = A. at the L. S. (Apostles at the Last Supper)
12 = C. of A. R. (Caesars of Ancient Rome)
12 = D. of C. (Days of Christmas)
12 = D. of J. (Disciples of Jesus)
12 = L. of H. (Labors of Hercules)
12 = S. of the Z. (Signs of the Zodiac *)
12 = T. of I. (Tribes of Israel)
13 = a B.'s D. (a Baker's Dozen)
13 = O. C. (Original Colonies)
13 = S. on the A. F. (Stripes on the American flag *)
14 = D. in a F. (Days in a Fortnight)
14 = L. in a S. (Lines in a Sonnet)
14 = P. in W. W.'s P. (Points in Woodrow Wilson's Plan)
15 = M. of F. per P., A. to A. W. (Minutes of Fame per Person, According to Andy Warhol)
15 = M. on a D. M.'s C. (Men on a Dead Man's Chest)
16 = O. in a P. (Ounces in a Pound)
16 = O. of M. (Orders of Mammals)
17 = S. in a H. (Syllables in a Haiku)
17 = P. that D. N. and S. V. (Parallel that Divided North and South Vietnam)
18 = H. on a G. C. (Holes on a Golf Course *)
18 = I. in a C. (Inches in a Cubit)
19 = G. S. for the V. P. (Gun Salute for the Vice President)
20 = C. in a P. (Cigarettes in a Pack)
20 = Y. S. by R. V. W. (Years Slept by Rip Van Winkle)
21 = G. S. for the P. (Gun Salute for the President)
22 = C. (Catch)
23 = P. on a G. J. (People on a Grand Jury)
24 = B. B. in a P. (Black Birds Baked in a Pie)
24 = B. B. to a C. (Beer Bottles to a Case)
24 = D. P. to the I. for M. I. (Dollars Paid to the Indians for Manhattan Island)
24 = H. in a D. (Hours in a Day *)
24 = S. Z. of I. T. (Standard Zones of International Time)
25 = Y. of M. for a S. A. (Years of Marriage for a Silver Anniversary)
25 = P. in a Q. (Pennies in a Quarter)
26 = L. of the A. (Letters of the Alphabet *)
27 = D. W. W. by G. G. (Different Wigs Worn by Gregory Giggs)
27 = A. to the U. S. C. (Amendments to the United States Constitution)
28 = D. in F. (Days in February)
29 = D. in F. in a L. Y. (Days in February in a Leap Year *)
30 = D. H. S. (Days Hath September)
30 = D. in J. (Days in June)
30 = P. of S. G. to J. (Pieces of Silver Given to Judas)
31 = D. in O. (Days in October)
32 = D. F. at which W. F. (Degrees Fahrenheit at which Water Freezes *)
36 = I. on a Y. S. (Inches on a Yard Stick)
36 = R. M. (Righteous Men)
39 = L. in M.' L. (Lashes in Moses' Law)
40 = D. and N. of the G. F. (Days and Nights of the Great Flood *)
40 = D. in L. (Days in Lent)
40 = Y. in the D. for I. (Years in the Desert for Israelites)
43 = B. in E. C. of N. (Beans in Each Cup of Nescafe)
45 = D. in a O. (Degrees in an Octant)
46 = C. in a H. C. (Chromosomes in a Human Cell)
47 = P. P. in E.'s E. (Pythagorean Proposition in Euclid's Elements)
48 = C. in a P. D. (Cards in a Pinochle Deck)
49 = R. A. in a R. (Reasons All in a Row)
50 = S. in the U. (States in the Union)
50 = W. to L. Y. L. (Ways to Leave Your Lover)
52 = W. in a Y. (Weeks in a Year)
52 = C. in a D. (Cards in a Deck)
54 = C. in a D. (with the J.) (Cards in a Deck with the Jokers *)
57 = H. V. (Heinz Varieties *)
61 = H. R. H. by R. M. in O. S. (Home Runs Hit by Roger Maris in One Season)
64 = S. on a C. (Squares on a Chessboard *)
64 = Y. O. W. I H. Y. W. S. N. M. (Years Old When I Hope You Will Still Need Me)
66 = B. in the K. J. B. (Books in the King James Bible)
70 = D. of C. (Disciples of Christ)
75 = Y. of M. for the D. A. (Years of Marriage for the Diamond Anniversary)
76 = T. L. the B. P. (Trombones Led the Big Parade)
78 = C. in a T. D. (Cards in a Tarot Deck)
80 = C. in a M. (Chains in a Mile)
80 = D. to G. A. the W. (Days to Go Around the World)
87 = F. S. and S. Y. (Four Score and Seven Years)
88 = C. in the S. (Constellations in the Sky)
88 = P. K. (Piano Keys *)
90 = D. in a R. A. (Degrees in a Right Angle *)
95 = M. L.'s T. (Martin Luther's Theses)
96 = T., by ? (Tears, by ?)
99 = B. of B. on a W. (Bottles of Beer on a Wall)
100 = C. in a D. (Cents in a Dollar)
100 = Y. in a F. F. (Yards in a Football Field)
101 = D. (Dalmatians)
101 = a S. M. L. (a Silly Millimeter Longer)
102 = F. in the E. S. B. (Floors in the Empire State Building)
116 = Y. in the H. Y.'s W. (Years in the Hundred Year's War)
144 = U. in a G. (Units in a Gross)
150 = P. in the B. (Psalms in the Bible)
180 = D. to R. D. (Degrees to Reverse Direction)
200 = D. for P. G. in M. (Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly *)
200 = M. in a C. (Milligrams in a Carat)
206 = B. in the H. B. (Bones in the Human Body)
235 = I. of U. in the A. B. (Isotope of Uranium in the Atomic Bomb)
300 = B. in the T. of C. (Bees in the Tomb of Childeric)
365 = D. in a Y. (Days in a Year)
366 = D. in a L. Y. (Days in a Leap Year)
432 = P. in a H. (Pints in a Hogshead)
435 = S. in the H. of R. (Seats in the House of Representatives)
451 = D. F. at which B. B. (Degrees Fahrenheit at which Books Burn)
500 = F. C. (Fortune Companies)
500 = M. in the I. F. H. (Miles in the Indianapolis Five Hundred)
500 = S. in a R. (Sheets in a Ream)
666 = N. of the B. in the B. of R. (Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation)
707 = Y. of C. (Year of Confusion)
755 = H. runs H. by H. A. (Home runs Hit by Hank Aaron)
800 = W. in V. (Warriors in Valhalla)
880 = N. of M. S. of O. F. (Number of Magic Squares of Order Four)
1000 = I. in N. Y. (Islands in New York)
1000 = P. of L. (Points of Light)
1000 = S. L. by the F. of H. of T. (Ships Launched by the Face of Helen of Troy)
1000 = W. that a P. is W. (Words that a Picture is Worth *)
1001 = A. N.  (Arabian Nights *)
1440 = M. in a D. (Minutes in a Day)
1760 = Y. in a M. (Yards in a Mile)
5280 = F. in a M. (Feet in a Mile)
20000 = L. U. the S. (Leagues Under the Sea)

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