Formerly Funmail, is a (formerly) free web-based email service with a difference - a selection of over 15,000 domain names to choose from for your address (with the option of having up to 19 such addresses on one account). These domains are all either .com or , the service being based in Sussex, England. All accounts start with a generic '' address, however additional addresses are not restricted to carrying the username - the only restriction is whether another user has already registered the same name.

As said, the service was free for a very long time. However, circumstances have changed, and the company now charges an annual fee of £23.95, which buys 366 days' worth of site usage. Email can only be accessed through the main web site, which would normally be an annoyance (at most) due to popups and the like. Since the introduction of the fee, however, all banner adverts have been removed, save the page displayed upon a succesful logout.

Should the user's 'credit' run out, the user's inbox will be unavailable - the contents, however, are perfectly safe for a reasonably long period. This is a far better arrangement than some other, more famous paying services, and works perfectly fine.

The service is, predicably, located at A free trial is availble for a fully-featured 30 day's use.

All information taken from the 'about' pages from the website.

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