I clutched my beliefs, my hopes, my thoughts that there was a reason for all of this close to my chest, and watched her.

She spoke. “There was nothing here.”

I stood in silence.

She spoke again. “There is nothing here.”

Her voice was filled with certainty, as if she had the absolute answer, the unambiguous truth.

She spoke once more. “There will be nothing here.”

In her deeply nihilistic mind, she understood the meaning of life, that there was none. She learnt the worth of her values, that they had none.

She saw the world close up before her eyes; she imagined it as a black nothing, a vacuum.

Ultimately, the emptiness was more than she could bear, and she hollowed out.

As I held on so desperately to what I had always thought, to the illusions and dreams that formed me, I watched her allow herself to be swallowed up by the darkness.

“If life is pointless, why live?”

Her nihilism annihilated her, and I keep hoping it won’t come back for me.

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