I wrote this Shakespearean sonnet for an assignment, but my professor only graded us on form and not poetic capability, so I'd love to know what y'all think of it. Feedback is always interesting.  

And just as a note, I've created this speaker to be creepy. Just to warn you.



O, how is it that I am slain by Love?

He whispers to my heart “Go siege the mind!”

And, greedy clutches grasping, it does shove

All else aside, floods all space it can find.

And yet I bid the sightless archer come

Though Reason tells me from him I should flee –

I’m helpless ‘gainst my will: deaf, blind and dumb;

The only aid for me is love from thee.

Without it I’m condemned to death – I’ll drown

In Passion’s depths that round me swirl and foam;

If stony lips stay chiseled in a frown,

In wormy, sullied earth I’ll make my home.

Death’s grip’s too strong; for thee, it’s Life I’ll cheat:

My fire for you will pow’r my heart’s last beat.

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