The amen break is a frequently sampled fragment from the Winstons' song titled Amen Brother.


Use of this break spread like a virus and is now considered banal by many. You can find this break sampled/reconstructed in these works:

Platinum Breakz by the Metalheadz collective
Deadly Deep Subs by Dilinja
Extra Terrestrial by Genotype
Secret Liasons by Source Direct
and a million other jungle tracks.

non-jungle examples:
Edge of No Return by Meat Beat Manifesto
Straight Outta Compton by NWA
Oiseaux 96-98 by Hrvatski
burningn'n tree by Squarepusher
Earthling by David Bowie

Sources for sampling:
Credit: FAQ

1. the LP version - the cleanest, but not the loudest.
2. the promo 45 - (has a white label) the loudest but also has an audible "click" on every quarter note because the engineer pushed up the hi's, and the ride/open hihat distorted.
3. the 45 release - (has a blue label) not as loud as the promo 45 - but also doesn't distort as bad on every quarter note.

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