Bilateral is to bisexual as ambidextrous is to ambisexual.

Bilateral relates to both the right and left sides of something while bisexual refers a similar situation in sexual terms. Being ambidextrous usually means that one is capable of using both hands with equal ease. Being ambisexual would then imply that both sexes are equally preferable.

Merriam-Webster supports this theory by considering it a synonym for bisexual.

Ambisexuals are people who can assume either mainstream gender (male or female) at will. Used imaginatively in Son of Man, by Robert Silverberg. Not the same as hermaphrodite. Ambisexuals can become either sex at any time. Handy you must admit, but rather disconcerting if you weren't ready for the body parts to appear. Let's not even go down the discussion path of impregnating oneself.

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