The Exile/Avernum/Nethergate Mailing Lists, (RPGs) two posts are posted:
  • Somebody advertises an Exile novel. On topic.
  • Somebody says something about e-mail ettique/technique. Off topic.
    Then people reply.
    Soon it turns into many posts about Final Fantasy, Latin, and flying anvils (in Exile 2 there's a mage who is trying to make a spell that causes an anvil to fall on peoples heads from a distance).
    Soon, one of the list admins sends a message requesting that we keep off-topic posts off the list.
    "Not to sound rude, but I believe a majority of the subscribers are not on to discuss email critique/ettique, Final Fantasy, Latin, or flying anvils."
    "You might check out alt.flying.anvils if it really interests you that much."

    Personally, I'm not interested. But if you like flying anvils, you may want to check it out.

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