There's something about you I think you should know. You are impossible.
You are my needle balancing straight up on a strand of hair 5 stories high, just like a tightrope walker. You can be as amazing as the magic that we know is real, and as quiet and humble as the blade of grass beneath my feet, bending and twisting to fit my humanly form without even a whisper. But at last, now I see how far away you are from me. Your screams to me are silence, but still, even your gentle hum is with me in spirit as the buzz of electricity in my ear at night. So laugh with me through this inevitable boundary that we face every day, unknowing of eachother's true thoughts and feelings. We are but as numb as fingers in ice, and yet as sensitive and fiery as the match just lit in the soft wind in the night.

You say you would never want to move, and in a sense, I feel the same. But I think that we are just both scared of change, the vulnerability and awkwardness of it all. I don't write about you anymore, really. You don't know I ever did. I could write a whole book about you if I had the patience, to be honest. Nobody wants to take chances anymore. My friend, you have a lot to learn if you think loving me would be a bad idea. There is no risk. If only I could express to you the sheer pleasure I get out of talking to you. You're the one thing I look forward to every day and night, no matter how I feel. I am a cloud, and you are the sky which invisibly embraces and carries me along through this short life of mine. I want to be able to caress that hair of yours, as creepy as it sounds. I want to know what you smell like. Your neck when I wake up, just a tad sweaty from the warmth our bodies radiate, is what I would look forward to every day if you were here. And that is priceless.

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