Aasimar are the angelic counterparts of tieflings in the Planescape setting. They are pure and good, according to popular belief, a fact which many use to their advantage by being nasty, sneaky and evil. Sprung from the various celestials of the Dungeon and Dragons universe, they tend to have gold or silver skin, although this is not invariable, and some of them are in fact related to the personal minions of the gods.

Addendum: The new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting includes details of aasimar Character Creation in Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition. The new Oriental Adventures book refers to aasimar as Rishi, but does not supply rules for their creation. Third Edition also introduces a distinction between half-celestials and the less-than-half-celestial aasimar.

aasimar are the offspring of upper-planar creatures and humans (and possibly demi-humans). they have an angelic beauty. their faces glow, in the likes of those old playskool 'glow worm' dolls, when their emotions rise. way wicked cool lay.

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