the night fell
like Icarus,
we’re too close to the light.

there is no doubt in my mind.
i am doing this for you.
i know i don’t have to.

you remind me of that line from Romeo and Juliet
i’m not going to write it here.
i don’t need someone else’s words
to tell you what i mean

i know this without knowing.
now is a gift i will never return.

you know what i mean.
that’s all that matters
don’t you see?
I am blessed.
you have blinded me
and your skin shall be my Braille.

my fingertips
will read you
cover to cover

oh darling
if i don’t leave now
i never will,
and there would be nothing wrong with that.
nothing at all.

our sun might never rise again
and i wouldn’t mind the dark.
roll over, sweetheart
let me see how you end

for RMF

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