A demo CD recorded by John Wozniak, lead singer of Marcy Playground in 1991. The full title of the album is "Zog Bogbean - From the Marcy Playground". The CD was recorded in John's bedroom with Sherry Fraser and her brother Scott on drums, this album is pure heaven with it's sweet sounding, tender appeal that can make you want to listen to it for days on end. Songs like From the Marcy Playground, written through John's memories as a child and My Favorite Tree in Fall, an instrumental all come together with a softness and perfect melody, an ingenius project created by such a young Wozniak. This album has been re-released through net only, available from the band's website. Zog Bogbean is the title of a collection of stories John wrote as a child.

Track listing:

  1. Our Generation
  2. Hear My Train a' Comin
  3. Dog and His Master
  4. John Fisher Ford
  5. People are People
  6. The Ballad of Aslan
  7. From the Marcy Playground
  8. Alice and Everything
  9. Twinkle by Joe
  10. The Tale of Captain McGuire
  11. My Favorite Tree in Fall
  12. Here Comes Summer
Our Generation and Dog and His Master have appeared on later Marcy Playground albums. Hear My Train a' Comin is a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song. People are People and Here Comes Summer were written and performed by Sherry Fraser.

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