A 92 minute-long 1991 Japanese monster movie directed by Keita Amamiya. It's about a female bounty hunter named Iria, played by Yuuko Moriyama, who comes to Earth with her computer, Bob, to capture the escaped bioweapon monster, Zeram, who eats human flesh to create his repulsive minions. It ends up that two Earth dolts get involved and end up having to help Iria defeat the evil space brute.

The movie's not that bad. It's big on rubber suit special effects and low on actors like most Japanese monster movies i've seen, but Iria's pretty cool. She kicks ass and has an bad-ass attitude.

Zeram spawned a sequel, Zeram 2, and a pretty good anime series called Iria: Zeiram the Animation. Iria's a lot like the live action, but has better "acting" and humour.

Zeram can also be found under the titles Zeiram and Zeiramu.

For more info, see http://zeiram.animecenter.com/iria/zeramlive/

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