Youth Liberation (a.k.a. Youth Lib or Kid Lib) is the movement to liberate people under the age of 18 (or whatever age at which one becomes considered an adult in a given society). Not many people consider ageism a true oppression, but this is mostly because the thought that children are oppressed is never really considered at all. When it is considered, however, it is almost impossible not to see that ageism is a valid oppression.

There are five tactics that all oppressions use to establish dynamics of dominance: indoctrination, abuse, coercion, deprivation, and invalidation. Adultarchy employs all of those in myriad ways and it does so within all four spheres of social activity: politics, economics, culture, and kinship.

It is difficult when faced with this evidence not to come to the conclusion that in terms of universality and severity of oppression no general group in our society is more thoroughly subjugated than that of young people. Case in point, to keep things brief, children are the only classification of citizens in our society against whom discriminatory abuse is not only legal, but is actually encouraged and carried out by laws themselves. Children are treated like property and, like runaway slaves of the past, may be arrested for attempting to escape their oppressors against whom the law affords them no protection at all. Children have no rights.

Unfortunately even those on the Left who fight for the freedom of many oppressed groups almost always ignore this cause. Yet ageism is the only oppression experienced fully by everyone everywhere, as victims, and if real social change is to occur youth, like women, blacks, or the poor will absolutely have to be involved.

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