Excuse me, sir.

Yes, lieutenant?

Permission to speak freely, sir

Granted. Make it fast, lieutenant.

Yes, sir. Your ass is indefensible, sir.


Your ass, sir. It's indefensible.

What do you mean?

We simply cannot defend it with our available forces. It's too large for us to maintain a defense perimeter, and too exposed to dig in. The Germans will obliterate us if we try.

And what do you recommend we do with it?

I respectfully suggest that we allow it to fall into enemy hands. It has no great tactical value, and...

Lieutenant, you realize that this is my ass?

Yes, sir. But this is war, sir. we must rise above sentimentality and look at the situation object...

Lieutenant, you are talking about MY ASS. I will not surrender it to the enemy under any circumstances.

I understand, sir. But in this case, it may be possible to perform a pincer on them. By tricking them into penetrating your ass, in hopes of striking behind our lines, we can come around from behind and wipe them out.

Ah... Very interesting strategy, lieutenant.

Yes, sir.

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