A television show on the Fox News Channel, airs 4PM east coast and 1PM west coast, being Fox's only financial news offering countering against the financial behemoth CNBC and CNN's Moneyline with Lou Dobbs that aired in 1996 as part of the initial channel launch shows.

The show is anchored by Neil Cavuto who formerly worked at CNBC hosting shows like Market Wrap and Power Lunch but is now the VP of business news within FNC.

The show itself is basically first a wrap-up of the day's financial event followed by some segments for pundits and critics to talk about stock picks and news, finally with a personal tirade on some absurd event related to money.

Like most all other FNC offerings, the show lasts for an hour and is Fox's only way of providing financial news though it is growing steadily to be the most watched end-of-the-day market wrap up show on cable.

Cavuto usually gives great on-the-mark commentary on anything from the fall of Enron to the rise of Martha Stewart's empire. While the show isn't meant for the day-traders and investment banking professionals amongst us, it is a great show providing great information for the rest of the plebeians trying hard to earn a buck with their 401k's by making some right decisions.

Viewers, fans and anti-fans alike, have all ribbed Cavuto on his enormous big fat head on the telly box. I concur that in the early years his head was indeed gigantic but over the years it's shrunken to now you can hardly notice. Either his stylist finally got him some better suits to wear or maybe Fox called in ILM to do some special movie magic.

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