Your World of Text is an open source collaborative online community text space. 

This website is unique in that it is, quite simply, an infinite text field which any visitor may edit as they like. 

It changes fairly quick: I logged on earlier today and saw the name of god and two hours later it was wiped clean. If you are on the same part of the page as someone else at the same time, you will see their changes being made.

Expect to find lies and poetry and paranoia. Also lots of silliness and some ASCII art. Some people even put contact info on there.

There is also an infinite number of unique text worlds which may be accessed by adding any letter (or number. but no punctuation) onto the main url. So there's a page for Tao, Jesus, poetry, trains, Poe, Santa, Shakespeare, haiku, monkeys, meme, WYSIWYG and so on.

The world called "lists" lists worlds.  

Needless to say, there are worlds made for the sharing of both pr0n and porn.

Registered users may create their own worlds of text which may have different colored backgrounds and links to outside sites. Registered users may also jump to specific points on the x/y axis of their world. 

There are youtube vids explaining how to do stuff with this site and an irc channel

Your world of Text began in 2009 when badass web designer Andrew Badr was bored. The site is in Django so if you know how to code, your help would be welcome.

I even found a writeup from here over there at tldr



(r) Glowing Fish says re Your World Of Text: I will have to check this out. It reminds me of the internet of 1998-2000, when just seeing something, anything, that I wrote online was like magic.

to which i said: indeed. it's like a plaintext e2 where everyone (even Guest User) is an editor/collaborator.

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