You used to be so beautiful
You used to be You
when we were still us...
and then something changed
and we fell apart
You weren't You
and You broke my heart
i tried to ask why
and then You were ice
You didn't care that you'd hurt me
all You cared about was YOU!
how YOU felt
and how YOU were
You were happy and that was all that mattered
to You
You were tired of being nice
even though You hadn't been
i got tired of Your public moodswings
pretending to be someone else for Your friends
so now i'm gone
i disappeared
just like You -- the REAL You -- did
i wouldn't want You to be unhappy because i am
maybe You're happy because we're dead
or maybe i'm sad beacuse i am

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine, CASweetAngel. I wrote it a long time ago (before I even lived in the same country as her), but I'm posting it now, for her.

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