I guess if I had never really been in love I'd probably say that that's how I feel about you.

(That sounds stupid, Bruce.)

But I've been there, and that's not what this is. I suppose this is a crush, but it's not any of that sticky shit. I suppose in a way I do feel a sort of love, but more like sister-ly love, which I guess is pretty sick, considering I just said I had a crush... ah fuck.

Mostly it's your words. Every day you peel back your life and show us what's inside. Your frank honesty is astounding. Your words reach me. Most people don't.

I remember sitting on the fire escape with you, smoking cigarettes.

And so I check another day's writings to see how you are and will check the mail every day just in case it came...

You took your pen and stuck it in my heart.

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