Just where do you think they’re going
when they say they’re gone...
ever thought about it?

About history and what they did those days here...
they ate pain

They are the only reason you were innocent for so long...
high and mighty you give yourself credit

Your humanity, all they stuck around for...
your potential

Disappointment sent them away...
you stole what they would have given you

i needed an answer.
you had none to give.
not of spite or want to hurt.
it simply wasn't possible to answer.
it was information you lacked. nothing more.

but i would not listen.
simple as that.
i didn't listen.
you couldn't answer. i couldn't wait.

i pushed.
you resented that push. and rightly.
i didn't care. i pushed more.

i didn't *mean* to.
i just needed to know.
needed to know, to know what type of hurt i would take the next four years.
i needed to know...
...as badly as you needed the time i stole.

i finally... pushed too much.
you, for need of safety and of peace, answered.
an answer you didn't know you knew.
the answer that would have been there...
in the end...
the same one.

the answer i forced from you.
if i'd waited...
you'd have given it.
on your own.
you'd have given it gladly.
(once YOU knew it, that is)
you'd have GIVEN it.

instead, i stole it.

stole what you would have given.
as a gift.
instead it became a sacrifice
a blood-offering
to appease my unholy appetite of wrath and pain.

i stole it.
stole a gift.
i defiled it.
i warped the thing that should have been beauty into merely defense.

i'm sorry.
i love you.

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