You seek not what you have found...
aka a Letter to a Lesbian as a Lesbian.

sing sweetly with your words 
and my words 
and our words will flow 
if you flow 
if you go if you let go 
if you know how to let go 
if you know how to let go of your past 
your present and accept your future 
your now 
your how now brown cow 
with the presence of all beings with you 
with me 
with us together spinning through nights like sparrows 
through dark storms through prairies and mountains 
and you come to me and I will come to you 
submissively subversively subconsciously 
you seek what you want and I want to be sought 
by you and to seek you by me 
and through me and for you 
with me we can string leather straps across beds 
or string beads through slick glistening orifices 
and cry havoc to reality and morality and sexuality 
and live in harmony through ecstasy 
and complicity
I will seek you 
but will you seek me for me 
or me for who you want me to be 
or will I fall victim to blind eyes that know not what they seek 
or sought or have the will to seek 
or am I just what you are looking for 
and are you what I am looking for too 
without guidance 
without knowing 
our words caress each other like 
soft fingertips glowing by candlelight covered in sensual oils 
you dominate me and I dominate you 
and we dominate each other and become 
submissive to each other 
each one surrendering each other 
to one other and some how, 
some how you realize that perhaps it was good that 
I am not what you are and that you are not what I am 
and that your eyes were opened where they were once shut 
and suddenly you cry out 
and I cry out 
and together we cry 
until finally, 
the dawn comes, 
and we sleep, 
while the gods smile upon us from above. 

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