Why are you sad? Why do you hate yourself?

Is it because you feel alone? Weak? Are you afraid of something but you aren't sure what it is?

Don't be afraid.

Why? Because you don't have to.
You are amazing,
you are special to me and to everyone who has cared about you.

And what about those that hate you,
those that mock and insult you?
They are only as strong as you want to believe they are.
They thrive on your fear,
your rage,
and your suffering.

Shut off the food supply

They have built themselves a mountain to stand over you.
Knock them down.

Read The Art of War and make use of its ideas. Never surrender.

Your true friends will not stand behind you,
they will stand besides you. They will fight with you (not just in fist fights either) no matter the odds because
they believe in you.

Stand up and be heard.
This is of the utmost importance.
Someone wants to know what you think.(I know I do.)
If you don't say something you'll never know what might have been...

Decide your own opinions,
your own religion,
your own FATE.
You are ultimately responsible for yourself.
Don't be ashamed of you,
take off that damn mask right now.

There really are decent people in the world. (I shit you not). Don't hate humanity just because someone did something dumb.

That was for teens as lost in the world as I am. Maybe what I learned will help you. Who knows?
Sorry my fellow noders, I needed to write this.

Matthew Adair

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