The year the prophet Mohammed was born is 570 A.D. also called the year of the elephant by the Arabian tribes, Arabs did not have there own calendar yet and the only time they started officially using there own calendar was after the first and early followers of Islam started migrating from Mecca to escape from torture by the hypocrites in Mecca, Hence the term A.H. was invented for the Islamic calendar, which is lunar based. A.H. meaning after hijra, hijra means migration.

The story goes like this, Mohammed was not born yet and he was born on the same year this event took place. The ruler of Ethiopia Abraha Al Ashram was jealous from the shrine in Mecca known as the Caaba and wanted to destroy it to let people come over to his own shrine in Ethiopia.

The Caaba in Mecca was built by Abraham and his son Isaac, as the Koran tells.

so, Abraha sends over an army of elephants and men over the sea to destroy the Caaba, the people in Mecca started to flea out of the city in fear of this army when they started approaching the city, considering they have never seen elephants before.

Abdul Mutalib who happens to be Mohammed's Grandfather, forgot his camel in the now empty Mecca and went back to get it. Abraha happens to be in Mecca preparing to destroy the Caaba and see the approaching Abdul Mutalib.

A dialog takes place between them:

Abraha: what are you doing?

Abdul Mutalib: I came to get my camel for I am its protector and the protector of this sacred place will protect it.

Abraha laughs at him being the evil bad guy in the story that he is and still wanted to destroy the Caaba.

Abdul Mutalib leaves off with his camel, The army is just about to destroy the Caaba when god sends in flocks of birds carrying hot fiery stones and they start raining the army with these stones completely destroying the army.

the story is condensed in the Koran in only 5 versus. Arabs have already been orally telling a longer version before the Koran confirmed it.


Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the possessors of the elephant?


Did He not cause their war to end in confusion,


And send down (to prey) upon them birds in flocks,


Casting against them stones of baked clay,


So He rendered them like straw eaten up?

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