Also called Yamchu (gotta love Japanese translation), Yamcha is a character in Dragonball and Dragonball Z, a member of the Z team, and for a while the love interest of series babe Bulma. He's discovered in an early episode of Toriyama's Dragonball series as a legendary rogue living in the desert. For quite a while he chases after the travelling Goku and Bulma, but suddenly freezes up every time he spots Bulma. Eventually Goku give him a good butt-kicking, as he does most potential allies. Later Yamcha joins the group and quickly becomes Bulma's boyfriend. Throughout Dragonball and early Dragonball Z episodes their relationship is very unsteady, particularly since the girls think Yamcha is hot and Bulma is a very jealous and agressive person. It's over for good when Bulma marries Vegeta.

In Dragonball Z, Goku and Yamcha, by virtue of limited drawing style and nearly-identical haircuts look almost alike. Yamcha can be identified by a strange scar on his face. He also isn't naive, doesn't die] nearly as much as Goku, and cannot beat every bad guy that comes to destroy or control Earth. He does, however, play baseball for a while.

Yamcha's traveling companion is Puar, a shapechanging cat and nemesis of Oolong.

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