A speech and essay written by Harlan Ellison. In it, he details some of the shockingly hateful, rude, and stupid acts that have been committed against authors of fantasy and science fiction by the people who call themselves their "fans." Harlan tells how one of his fans made anonymous, harrassing phone calls and death threats to him for years, how one of Spider Robinson's fans offered to buy him dinner, then stuck him with the very expensive bill, how one of Alan Dean Foster's fans threw a cup of vomit in his face. Why, Ellison asks, are fantasy and sci-fi authors treated this way and not, for instance, John Updike, Tom Wolfe, or Norman Mailer?

The title of the essay refers to the condition in which the progeny of two parents does not resemble the parents in any way.

Xen`o*gen"e*sis (?), n. [Gr. xe`nos a stranger + E. genesis.] Biol. (a)

Same as Heterogenesis.


The fancied production of an organism of one kind by an organism of another.



© Webster 1913.

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