A city in Ohio that is just east of Dayton and Beavercreek. Founded in 1803 and named after the Greek word for "hospitality". Unfortunately for those who live in Xenia, it is located in a spot that is far from hospitable. On April 3, 1974, a tornado touched down destroying nearly half the town where 25,000 people resided. The tornado was classfied as an F-5, one of the rarest, an the severest of all tornados. On September 20, 2000, another tornado touched down causing exstensive damage to the town yet again. This was only classified as an F-3.

Interesting note: It is said that before the area now know as Xenia was settled, the Shawnee tribe, who lived close by, referred to the area as "Land of the Devil Winds" and refused to settle there.

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