A very large UPA graphics accelerator produced by Sun Microsystems. It's one of the most general-purpose graphics cards in wide use, based on the MAJC processor, which is actually a general-purpose CPU, not a dedicated graphics chip. The card itself is not only very long, as are most UPA graphics cards, but extremely wide, owing to both the large heat sinks on the card's RAM, RAMDAC and CPU, and to the VGA and DVI daughtercard attached to it.

The XVR-1000 has 360MB of onboard RAM, of which 72MB is used for the 38-bit (30-bit RGB, 8-bit alpha) framebuffer, and the remaining 288MB is used as texture cache and system RAM for the MAJC CPU. (Of this, 256MB is 3DRAM used as texture memory, and 32MB is RDRAM, used as system RAM for the MAJC 5200). It provides three outputs, one VGA, one DVI and one 13W3, of which 2 can be used simultaneously for dual-headed operation, at up to 1920x1200 on each head. The card can also be persuaded to run at 2048x1536 resolution, but this is not officially supported. Though originally marketed for the Sun Blade 2000, it works in any machine equipped with a vertical-type UPA slot, except for the Sun Ultra 10 (due to physical constraints). The Blade 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 have their UPA slots spaced such that they can use 2 XVR-1000 cards, while the Ultra 30, 60 and 80 can only use one. (However, if the VGA/DVI daughtercard is removed, the U30/60/80 can use an XVR-1000 alongside an Elite3D, Creator3D or Expert3D card).

The MAJC CPU which forms the heart of the XVR-1000 is a dual-core VLIW general-purpose processor, clocked at 500MHz. It can theoretically be used as a coprocessor, accelerating certain computations other than graphics, but so far no drivers permitting this sort of interaction exist, and moreover, no applications exist to take advantage of it even if one did. This card, and its higher-end relative the XVR-4000, are the only places where the MAJC processor was ever used.

Although it was a very high-end card in its day, the XVR-1000 can be found quite inexpensively nowadays.

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