An X-Title is one of any of the numerous X-Men related titles published by Marvel Comics. Just some of these are; X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, Gambit, Bishop, Gambit And Bishop, X-Factor, X-Force, Generation X, Classic X-Men, X-Men ; The Hidden Years, X-Men; The Early Years, The New Mutants, Dazzler, X-Statix, Cable, Deadpool, Ultimate X-Men, Essential X-Men, Soldier X, X-Men Unlimited, Excalibur, Mutant X, X-Man, The Brotherhood, Agent X, X-Men 2099, Weapon X, X-Men; The Hidden Years...

Marvel has for years recieved a lot of deserved criticism as there always seems to be too many X-Men related titles for all of them to be quality comics or at all relevant. While most of the above were cancelled because they were poor comics X-Titles tend to stick around longer than they need to purely because they are X-Titles.

A recent development shows that maybe Marvel has smartened up. There was a cull of (mainly) superfluous X-titles in 2001 - although new junk replaced old junk on more than one occasion - and so far two long running titles of erratic quality have been axed in 2003.

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