Salomon recently came out with a new ski, the X-Scream. The X-Scream is a great all-mountain shaped ski that comes in a range of flexibilities (bendy-ness). Last season I bought a pair of the top-of-the-line X-Screams and fell in love immediately. In my experience there are different categories for skis:

1- Torture
2- Crapy
3- Skiable
4- Acceptable
5- Good
6- Awesome
7- Incredible
8- Who Needs a Wo/man!

The X-Scream is clearly an 8. I have never been happier on the slope and my skiing has improved to. My new criteria for finding a girlfreind is whether or no she can keep up with me on the mountian. I regularly hit 55 or 60 mph! (I was clocked by a radar gun).

My old Elans used to chatter at high speed. That is the tips would not grip the snow, instead they would grip, release, slide and grip again resulting in "chatter." Chatter means you are out of control. The X-Screams do not have that problem. Salomon has come up with this nifty thing called the Pro-Link. The Pro-Link transfers weight from under your foot out to the tips and tails of the skis. More weight on the ends of the ski means less chatter and better carves.

If you have the means I highly recomment picking up a pair of the X-Scream or the new Pilot by Salomon. My X-Screams ran about $700.00 last season but I got mine for about $590.00. It was worth every penny.

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