Developed by Wynd Communications, a deaf-run company, Wyndtell services provide deaf individuals with services similar to what hearing people can use through a cell phone. The RIM 850 and 950 pagers, as well as the Motorola T900 pager, are compatible with Wyndtell.

Services offered include:
E-mail Messaging
Similar to SMS and other text messaging services, WyndTell users can send and receive e-mails from their pager. The service also provides an indicator that the message was delivered, and another when it is actually read by the recipient.
TTY Connections
Pagers can connect directly with TTYs, or send a message to a TTY and then receive a response. Relay connections also allow a Wyndtell user to communiate with a hearing person over the phone.
Instant Communication
Two Wyndtell pagers can chat with each other, and a Wyndtell device can also send an alphanumeric message to any other one-way text pager. Text messages can be sent to a special system that will call the hearing person and read the message aloud in a computerized voice. Some models and pricing plans allow faxes to be sent from a pager.
Specialized Services
In addition to Go.Web web browsing, Wyndtell members have access to several special services. Usage-to-date can be tracked by sending an e-mail message to the company's service center, and members can also look up whether or not their destination is within the service coverage area.'s information about open-captioned movies is available, and through a special partnership with AAA, Wyndtell members can get emergency roadside assistance.
Although there are other services available that provide text messaging, Wyndtell is currently the only one marketed primarily to deaf consumers. It is available in both the United States and Canada, but not at the same time - service is only accessible in the country where the pager was purchased. The most basic plan offered by Wyndtell starts at $14.95/month, plus fees for individual services; the most comprehensive plan is $49/month but also requires separate fees for some services. In July of 2000, WyndTell services were demonstrated for then-Vice President Al Gore as part of the tenth anniversary celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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