Football field located at the center of Lane Stadium, on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Recently converted from a fairly standard grass field with an absurdly high crown (about 6 feet) to a brand-new tray-based system -- the grass is actually grown in several hundred trays, which can be replaced individually should one part of the field be damaged or worn. Another unique part of this system is that beneath the grass trays is just a rectangle of black pavement; this makes field damage less likely during large on-field events like concerts or graduation, as the grass can be removed for the event and then reset, avoiding all the foot traffic.

The naming of the field (in addition to the stadium) is a fairly common way that athletic departments use to entice two big donors to drop lots of money, instead of merely one. This sort of thing was taken to new heights of absurdity at University of Virginia recently, when Scott Stadium grew from one name to three over the course of 7-8 years. In the early '90s, the artificial turf was replaced with a grass field, named David A. Harrison Field; in 2000, a stadium expansion was opened, and the whole complex was renamed the "Carl Smith Center/David A. Harrison Field at Scott Stadium."

Say that five times fast, then thank God you're not a UVa radio announcer who has to repeat the whole title every time he goes on the air.

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