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Complete the exercises in the time allotted. Do not cheat, unless you want to. Use the extra bytes included with this document to construct your answer. Any problems should be directed to Blizzard. Any complaints should be directed to the hand.

  1. An Orc walks up to you in the rolling plains of the Arathi Highlands, and says “you want buy gold 50 us dollar 1000 gold this server.” What do you call this player, and to whom should you report him? Use language as colorful as you want.
  2. Translate this: “l50 lock lfg for mara/ulda enchant run, can summon, pst.”
  3. What are you thinking about right now?
  4. Is there a FP connecting SW and BB? If so, which faction can use it? Does that anger you?
  5. Your group is meeting at at XR to run an instance. Which three dungeons are the most likely destinations for your group?
  6. Does true love have a place in modern society? What about in-game weddings? Should interracial dating be allowed (eg, a Tauren and a gnome)? Who is more likely to approve, Thrall or Magni Bronzebeard?
  7. Because of their lockpicking ability, rogues are occasionally misrepresented as “locks” in the group channel. How would you fix this?
  8. You’re in ZG, your group just wiped, and your pally starts to complain that mobs are repopping. What should you say to him, and why don’t you need to respect him any more?
  9. Is it wrong for a man to play a female warrior, and flirt with other players? If so, why does it feel so good?
  10. Extra Credit: What is the etymology of “woot?”
  11. Special Project: With the new expansion, Blizzard is adding the Draenei as a playable race. At least half of Warcraft players are incapable of remembering that name, let alone typing it. Brainstorm some new slang that could be used to refer to the new race.

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