Phrase originating from circus performers way back when meaning to perform dangerous feats (trapeze, tightrope acts, etc.) without benefit of safety gear. Common day usage infers that an activity would be more wisely attempted with some sort of safeguard in place. Feasible examples include:

  • Having unprotected sex
  • Leaving a computer vulnerable by not using a firewall
  • Not having legal representation during police questioning or at a trial

This could also be a term used to represent how the Editors on this site feel all the time. There are no rules here; only relationships. It's one of the most beautiful and most confusing things I've ever been involved in, and I think I speak for most of the ones I know when I say that.

You say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the right time, and there it is: Staring you right in the face in a writeup which takes your words and mixes them just enough to make them say what the user wants to say. Often, it is to say something along the lines of this:

Remove my writeup?
You heathen bastard son of a goatfucker who has anal sex with diseased camels.
I'm a good noder, Goddammit, and you should know that.
How dare you confuse me with the other stupid fuckwits that write junk on this site?
I'm telling!!! I'm telling!!!!

It's all in the eye of the beholder, eh? In this case, the beholders all love you noders more than you'll ever know. The wonderful stuff you write causes me / us to have to wipe our eyes on a daily basis. It never ceases to amaze me / us what you do here.

I'm just very, very sorry that there are always some who cannot see the Big Picture. The whining and complaining about what gets removed goes on and on and on. . . There are horrible bloodbaths with the EDB. There is much chattering and carping in #E.

All I can tell you is this: I know these folks who have the button to remove writeups. They may not always have the best manners, but they do have good judgement. If you had a writeup removed by any (and I stress ANY) of them, there is a 99% chance that it was you and not them. If it was the occasional 1% where it was them, your writeup will be restored and you will be blessed greatly.

However, if you choose to start a little piss war over it, you will not win. Sorry about that.

That's life,

And that's what all the people say.
You're riding high in April
And you're seriously shot down in May. . . .

Ooops. Broke into song there, didn't I? (How is that E2: The Musical coming along, anyway?)

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