The successor to bandai's popular Wonderswan handheld
videogame system, often abbreviated WSC. it is:
tiny(2.9 x 5 x 0.956 inches),
light(0.2 pounds/3.35 ounces),
readable(has an FSTN screen with a contrast control, unlike the GBA),
versatile(2 directional pads, 2 fire buttons, com port),
expandable(wonderwitch homebrew game kit, wonderborg robot programming kit, wonderswan web (i-mode web browser), and more)
powerful(16 bit CPU, 740k ram(I think), 4096 colors)
long lived(1 AA battery for 20 hours play: GBA requires 2 for 10)
japanese(no american release yet :-/)

The WSC may have a chance against the game boy, since it
is actually getting 3rd party support, unlike past prominent
gameboy challengers like the Game Gear and lynx.

-The WonderSwan Color is no longer the 'latest and greatest'. See SwanCrystal.

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