So there's a bit of angst going on around the new Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman was last realistically seen in a 1970s camp TV show starring Lynda Carter as the titular Woman. Now they've remade it with an ex-Israeli IDF soldier, a ton of cool CGI, and turned it into a really worthwhile epic. It stars a strong female character, having removed it completely from its bondage-and-spanking initial wierdness (the artist behind the oringinal comics had a thing for both) and put it in the hands of a very competent female director.

Hence the angst. It's one of the highest rated films on Rotten Tomatoes and it smashed the box office with the force of a thousand suns.

Prior to this, the narrative was because of the innate sexism in this country, and the snarker troll legions of MRAs and other men crying that masculinity isn't in the spotlight - no female actor or writer or director could ever get a decent break. Ghostbusters the female reboot wasn't that bad, and the only reason Amy Schumer's latest standup special tanked is because of balding neckbeards in mom's basement who cannot handle a strong independent woman.

I didn't see Ghostbusters yet (I'm waiting for the Netflix) but I understand it's a horrid, lazily made mess. I did however see the first part of Amy's disaster, and she clearly isn't funny anymore. Having run out of other people's material to perform, she's down to her very tired one note joke, namely that she's a whore and her vagina smells like a farmyard animal (I am not making that up, she compared touching it to being at a petting zoo and needing hand sanitizer after whatever mass of fur and slobber is done with you touching it). When she got to that point, I simply hit the back button, because I wasn't laughing, I was disgusted on multiple levels.

This isn't a case of double standard, South Park riffed on that with the men in various South Park families finding men farting funny but women queefing disgusting. This was a case of her having no material whatsoever, and as a result her story of receiving cunnilingus from some desperate homeless drunken hero wasn't gross out humor but just simply offensive and pathetic. But that didn't stop Schumer from blaming men for hating women and literally having Netflix remove its rating feature because hers was rated so low.

Then in comes Wonder Woman. Oh sure, it took ten years for the director to fight tooth and nail to be seen as competent enough to make an action movie. It took years for people to think of Wonder Woman as a marketable property, as opposed to remaking Spider-Man for the fifth reboot. But by God, the movie looks incredible, and it's done monster business, which vindicates the fact that yes, women can make movies people want to watch, and yes, women heroes are marketable. To MEN as well as women.

But that smashes the narrative that Leslie Jones and the Ghostbusters crew and Schumer and others put up as a wall to deflect criticism of poorly made material. It was the 2016 zeitgeist. Women can't get an even break, and they're being held down.

Hillary Clinton did the same thing. She ran a crappy campaign for President, and is crying in her couch about how sexist and mean America is in not accepting her campaign comment that she shouldn't be blamed for anything people didn't like about the previous administration, because as a woman she is different, and blameless. Of course, America didn't buy that and put the biggest clown in human history in the Oval Office.

I'm not saying women don't have it tough: they do. I'm not saying that women don't have to fight twice as hard to get the same recognition, they have to. But what I'm saying is, poor stuff is poor stuff, and America has absolutely fallen in love with DECENT PRODUCT not caring who made it.

Of course, you'd think the Hollywood left would be ecstatic that a female director and a female action heroine have basically produced THE blockbuster film so far of the summer of 2017. Naturally, they aren't. They're rather disturbed that the heroine is not only an Israeli actress but actually fought for the IDF. We expected Lebanon and other countries to boycott the film on principle, but amazingly many in the left are talking about the film being "problematic" because of its lead actress.

I'm not even touching that one with a ten foot barge pole.

I'm also not touching the crying babylike tantrums of some men who were aghast and appalled that they were holding womens-only screenings of the film, crying "reverse sexism" and suddenly finding an academic argument for "equality" whereas for years they turned a blind eye to the very real struggles female writers, producers and filmmakers encounter.

But I see the success of the film as a fantastic leap forward. Hopefully this gives deserving female directors a shot at producing films, and wakes American audiences up to the idea that woman can and do create amazing media - and give them an increasing amount of money and air time to present it. The flip side of that however is that you can't simply throw shit at the screen and insist that as a woman you be taken seriously, simply because of the presence of a vagina on your body.

But as you know, the usual suspects will just find something else to be angry about.

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