Another excellent song from eddie from ohio's 1999 album Looking Out The Fishbowl. Robbie Schaefer sings lead, as he does on several efo songs about male-female relationships.

From listening to the lyrics, one gathers the sense that this song is about how closely the singer identifies with his wife, that she has become a sixth sense for him -- things just aren't right without her. His warm baritone gets across the depth of his emotion, without turning it to sap like so many overwrought '80s pop songs.

One subtle treat is in the song's second verse. Listen for regular efo guest player Jon Carroll's Hammond B-3 organ as the musical voice of the singer's dog ("my old dog, grinning ear to ear / shakes his head and starts to laugh") laughing at his disorientation and knowing that "all (will) come around" at the end.

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