I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald (link below) about a new site Wolfram| Alpha (www.wolframalpha.com) created by British physicist and mathematician Stephen Wolfram. The article proposes that Alpha is going to become a new super site in the league of Google and wikipedia, stating that will be the "answer to absolutely everything". The difference between Google and Alpha, as stated by Sydney technology author and futurist Mark Pesce is "while Google can identify the nearest place for pizza, Alpha is designed to tell you where to get the best pizza". Google while very useful and still one of the most popular and influential sites on the Internet, lacks the intelligence of Alpha.

"Google searches are really dumb," Dr Kay said. "They're using simple words without knowing what they mean." Wikipedia lists facts but can't do anything with them. He Dr Wolfram can answer queries that take combinations of things across his data, which means he can answer more complex sets of questions than Google can." - Excerpt from article (link below).

I believe that intelligent sites such as Alpha are the future of the Internet and although its still very much lacking in power and resources, I believe the overall idea and structure will be revolutionary for the future of the web. Check out the article for yourself and go to www.wolframalpha.com and try it out. There are still many searches that don't produce expected results but you may find a few interesting things.


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