A very handy program that enables Windows users to create standard builds for their software. This enables company wide programs that conform to company standards. The program was created by wise solutions.

A basic overview of the program is this:

  1. User takes a snapshot of their computer, this includes the files on the hard drive as well as the registry.
  2. The user runs the program that is to be packaged's install program and installs the program as required.
  3. Any preferences that are required, including network setups, save paths etc are sorted out.
  4. A second snapshot is taken. And a script is written that lists all the changes between snapshot 1 and snapshot 2.
  5. Then all the necessary files are compressed into a self-extracting executable, that uses the relevant script to make all the changes that are needed.
The executable can now be put onto any machine and should install without a problem.

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