Now in its 137th annual edition, Wisdens, as it is affectiontely known by cricket aficionados worldwide, is one of the foremost sporting 'bibles' in existance. The famous yellow Almanack was first published in England in 1864 by ex-Sussex captain John Wisden, and currently edited by Mathew Engel

Wisdens contains a cornucopia of reports and anecdotes alongside a complete set scorecards for each of the previous seasons first-class county and test matches as well as almost every conceivable statistic that can be gleaned from this information. By owning a complete set of Almancks you will have the complete history of the modern game. Owning the complete set is no mean feat as a full set of Almanacks can cost upwards of £30,000 with editions for 1916, 1941 and 1971 being especially scarce

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