The Wisconsin thong thief/thong bandit was arrested on April 20, 2003 after breaking into a home in search of underwear. The thief is Anthony Scholfield, a 22-year-old college student attending University of Wisconsin-Stout. The 'Wisconsin thong thief' has been stealing women's undergarments during a span of four years.

At interviews following his arrest, Scholfield admitted to being invovled in two of three of the previous burglaries of 1220 6th St. E. He later admitted to involvement in the third as well. At each of these burglaries, Scholfield admitted to taking close to 70 pairs of women's underpants in each trip to the house.

When officers executed a search warrant at Sholfield's home, they discovered 854 pairs of thong underwear, which investigators found stuffed in shoe boxes, a briefcase, and even a Pokemon lunch pail. Scholfield also told investigators that through the use of internet chatrooms, he had negotiated the exchange of a pair of his boxers for a pair of the woman's underpants in return. He believes he had received 1 or 2 pairs through this method.

After his arrest, Sholfield filled out a Voluntary Statement Form in which he states:
"I had been drinking earlier and on my way home my friends I thought it would be funny to go into my friends house & play some practical jokes."
"Call it a panty raid if you will. No harm intended just a little practical joke."

Scholfield is scheduled for trial on May 20 where he will be formally tried for three charges of burglary and criminal damage to property.

Update on January 9, 2004:

On December 22, 2003, Scholfield pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. He has also been ordered to pay $8,873.04 USD in restitution and is prohibited from contacting any of the five female victims.

Sources: (UoW-Stout)

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