A pun on the word Windows, derived from MSDOS to mean Denial of Service with a GUI. WinDOS is the second incarnation of Microsoft's plan to destroy the productivity of every computer in the world. Famous for the Blue Screen of Death, most versions are extremely unstable and require rebooting daily. However, due to the efforts of Microsoft's Marketing Department, it is currently used on the vast majority of personal computers.

WinDOS closely conforms to Gates's Law.

WinDOS is also a name that has been applied to a number of programs over the years, the first of which popped up in the days of Windows 3.1.

Most of them provide(d) a Windows-like GUI for DOS, or increased DOS compatibility in Windows. On the whole, they tend to be pretty pointless programs.

Two programs named WinDOS can be found at http://www.spaceports.com/~ande/windos.html and http://come.to/windos.

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