Will thou considereth Robin Hood righteous. Before I begin I’m assuming you are familiar with the fable of Robin Hood. Now, I will be using two bits of information, Einstein’s theory of relativity and Mathew 19:24. Now, the word rich is an abomination, rich is another word for discord. If someone is rich than that means everything is wrong. Consider this Einstein's theory of relativity states that in order for an item to move said item must be moving relatively to another item with this in mind consider this, what does rich mean? There are two condition that are required in order for rich to exist, 1. An entity lacking in resources, 2. An entity overabundant in resources. Consider this entity A has more resources than it knows what to do with, and another entity, entity B can’t sleep at night because it has no bed to sleep in.

Assuming both entities live in the same the only thing that keeps them from harmonizing and or coming to a consensus in which everybody has a bed to sleep in, sort of speak, is ignorance. So you say “the rich man is to blame”, and I say nay both entities are to blame, because the word rich by its inherit nature means that only few persons have the majority of the resources. I fight that Robin Hood is righteous because he bring balance to an unbalanced delusion.

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