The Wilson Prelude is the section before the song "Wilson" by Phish, where the whole band plays synchronous evil pulses. The origin of this song is simple enough: it's a sinister introduction to Wilson, a main character in The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday, known affectionately by fans simply as Gamehendge. Over the years, though, as Phish began to tour more and more and could fill larger and larger arenas, the intro to this song became infamous; between the double pulses, the entire audience sings "Wiiiillllll-son!" This goes on for as long as Trey feels it needs to, and then the official song starts. This is listed as the first song in TMWSIY because it's used as the intro and the ambient music while Trey narrates. It should be noted that several different tunes have been used as background music durring the narration parts of Gamehendge. In the older shows it was usually this prelude, sometimes with teases of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which add beautifully to the overall ominous sound. In newer versions it has typically been the coda from Esther.

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