A Scottish painter, engraver, and illustrator, born at Dumbarton on 13 February 1859, son of a builder; died 1921. He lived in London all his life, and seems to have lived a very respectable life as member of the Royal Societies of This and That Kind of Artist. He was finally elected to the Royal Academy but died suddenly shortly after.

There's not much on him around. He's not a big name. He did realistic etchings, highly imaginative book illustrations, and a few paintings. The striking and intriguing Bank Holiday in the Tate Gallery, London, is probably the image that most keeps his name alive now. I love that picture: please read my writeup there for far more than this poor bio can tell you.

His son Ian Strang (1886-1952) was also an etcher and engraver.

A bit more biography and an example picture at http://www.speel.demon.co.uk/artists2/strang.htm but to be honest I can't find much on him. There's a really ghastly reproduction of Bank Holiday that utterly ruins its sublimely ambivalent delicacy so I'm not telling you about that.

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