William Powell was considered one of the best film actors of his time. He made close to 100 movies form the early 20's to 1955.

After many films, from bit parts to starring roles, he finally caught the public eye in The Canary Murder Case{1929}, as the detective Philo Vance. After a few more films as Vance, Powell skyrocketed to stardom as Nick Charles in Dasheill Hammett's The Tin Man. Paired with Myrna Loy as his wife Nora, Powell shined. He had made two other films that year with Loy; Manhatten Melodrama and Evelyn Prentice{1934}. They were so loved as a couple that they made close to 15 movies together. Although their chemistry on screen was exceptional, off screen they were just great friends.

Powell was nominated for 3 Best Actor Academy Award's, The Thin Man{1935}, My Man Godfrey{1937}, and Life With Father{1948}, but never won. His last film was the popular Mister Roberts{1955}, where he co-starred with Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and James Cagney.

Always the charmer, Powell was married to Carole Lombard from 1931 to 1933, and was engaged to Jean Harlow when she fell ill and died in 1937. He later married the young actress Diana Lewis, who was with him until his death in 1984. He is one of my all-time screen idols.

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