Sir William Mure (1594-1657), Scottish writer, son of Sir William Mure of Rowallan, was born in 1594. His mother was Elizabeth, sister of the poet Alexander Montgomerie. He was a member of the Scottish parliament in 1643, and took part in the English campaign of 1644. He was wounded at Marston Moor, but a month later was commanding a regiment at Newcastle. He died in 1657. He wrote Dido and Aneas; a translation of Boyd of Trochrig’s Latin Hecatombe Christiana; The True Crucifixe for True Catholikes (1629); a paraphrase of the Psalms; the Historie and Descent of the House of Rowallane; A Counter-buff to Lysimachus Nicanor; The Cry of Blood and of a Broken Covenant (1650); besides much miscellaneous verse and many sonnets.

From the eleventh edition of The Encyclopedia, 1911. Public domain. Some editing has been done for the sake of clarity.

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